The Bride Trumps Everybody

Posted by Dave

When planning a wedding, the bride is the ultimate decision maker. She is Eisenhower at D-Day, Bernstein conducting the philharmonic, and the Prom Queen, all in one excessively-priced white dress.

Wedding planners are great (more on this later), Mom can help a thousand ways (ditto), and Dad can do his 3 jobs (show up, pay up, and shut up). But nobody outranks the bride.

This especially includes the groom, who may mistakenly think that this is his wedding, too. Fortunately, most guys would be just as happy to be married by “Elvis” at the Chapel Of The Bells in Las Vegas, having no more than a garden slug’s level of interest in the details of the nuptials. His goal is simply to marry you. Don’t be angered by such behavior. God made guys this way for a reason, and that reason is so that you can have the wedding of your dreams, not his. (His dreams don’t actually kick in until the honeymoon.)

If this does not prove to be the case, I advise cancelling the ceremony now. Any bozo who thinks his wedding opinions matter is obviously a control freak who will make your marriage hell. Return the gifts, cancel the reception site, and run from this guy. (But hang on to the dress. A more reasonable hairy-legged male will come along.)


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